E-mail is a system of world wide electronic communication where a computer user can compose a message at one terminal and that message can be read at recipient’s terminal.

E-mail or electronic mail can be sent over the Internet to anybody who has an E-mail address.

Opening an E-mail Account

There are various web-portals (websites) which allow you to create free E-mail account. Some examples are:





(v) etc.

The steps for opening an E-mail account are:

Step 1 Login to the site

Step 2 Click on Create an account hyperlink. The registration form will appear.

Step 3 Fill those details which are mandatory. You can also skip some of the personal details.

Step 4 After completing the registration form, click on Next step button.

Step 5 Create your public Google-t- profile page will appear. If you want to create a profile, click on Create your profile button otherwise click on No thanks button.

Step 6 After the creation of an E-mail account, the confirmation information will be given to the user and the following web page will display on the browser.

Viewing an E-mail

After the creation of an E-mail account, the user can Sign in, means that user can open his/her an E-mail account and view his/her E-mails. For this, the user has to go on the home page of that particular website on which user has his/her E-mail account. A dialog box will appear on the web page to Sign in. Enter your E-mail ID in E-mail text box and Password in the Password text box of that E-mail ID. Click on the Sign in button.

If your E-mail ID and password are correct then the E-mail account of the user will open on the screen and the following window will appear on the screen.

Communication and Collaboration

Usually, the contents of Inbox folder will display first which means that the list of received mails will appear which shows the date, sender’s name, subject informations of the received mails. To read a message just bring the cursor on that message and click there when the mouse pointer will convert into hand sign.

Mailbox: Inbox and Outbox

A mailbox is the storage location of electronic mail messages that is found on a remote server. Software E-mail commonly divide the mailbox into separate folders, notably the inbox, outbox, sent items and deleted items.

Inbox A place where E-mail messages are received. The inbox is the default location for all incoming mails unless rules have been setup to forward messages to another program or folder.

Outbox A term used to describe the location or folder where E-mail is stored before being sent. It gives the opportunity to the user to review, edit and delete messages before they are sent.

Drafts The drafts folder contains items that have not yet been sent. An E-mail is saved to the drafts folder when a user composes an E-mail and then click the Save and Close button.

Sent Items This folder contains all items that have been sent. It saves all the messages that were successfully sent.

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