Types :

  • Royal Art
  • Folk Art

Royal Art

Fort situated at Patliputra at Kumrahar (Patna) made by Chandragupta.

The Assembly hall consists of several pillars and of these 84 pillars have been traced.

Dimesion : 140 feet long and 120 feet wide.

Asoka included Stone sculptures.

Chinese traveler Fa Hien has called it God Built Place.

Parts of Royal Art :

  • Pillars
  • Stupas
  • Stone Platforms
  • Monasteries


They were 30-40 in numbers.of this 15 are safe till date.

Types :

  • Word Dhamma is Scripted Pillars
  • Plane Pillars

Word Dhamma is Scripted Pillars

  • Delhi-Merrut
  • Delhi-Topra
  • Allahabad
  • Lauriya Nandangarh
  • Lauriya Areraj
  • Rampurwa
  • Sanchi
  • Sarnath
  • Lumbani

Plane Pillars

  • Rampurwa (Bull Vertex)
  • Basarh
  • Kosam

Pillars are

  • Shining
  • Long
  • Curve
  • Single Stone
  • Taper towards tip

Parts of Pillars :

  • Kalam (Sthoon or Yasthi)
  • Crown
  • Downward Lotus Petal
  • Plaque (Flat piece of stone)
  • Animal Shapes

Kalam and crown are separate.

Dimesion : 30-50 feet long

Weight : 50 tonnes

On crown different animals like

  • Swan
  • Lion
  • Elephant
  • Bull

have been found.

Pillars at Sarnath :

7  feet in height and on top four lions are sitting adjacent and back with each other.

Adopted by Indian Government as National Emblem.

Lion represent powers of Emperor Asoka or Shakya Singh Buddha.


Made OF Bricks and Stones.

Buddhist and Jains used to build stupas as pious and religious monuments.

Asoka built 84 thousand stupas.

Some stupas built by Asoka :

  • Stupa of Sanchi
  • Dharmarajika stupa at Takashashila

Stone Plateforms

Stupas and Viharas were surrounded by Stone Palteforms.

Found in Bodh Gaya and Sarnath.


Asoka and his grand son Dashrath constructed viharas in form of monasteries as residence of monks.

Found in caves 16 miles north of Barabar Hills.

  • Sudama Cave
  • Karn Chaupad

Monastries constructed during the time of Dashrath :

  • Lomesh Rishi Monastery
  • Nagarjuni Monastries (Gopika Cave)

Fork Art

Sculptures of  Yaksha (Male attendant of Kubera) and Yakshini (Female attendant of Kubera)

Sculptures made of mud of various animals and birds like elephant, horse, bull, ship, dog, deer, peacock, parrot have been found from various places

  • Sarnath
  • Mathura
  • Hastinapur
  • Basarh
  • Kosambi
  • Kumrahar

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