The major components of MS-Word 2007 are:

Office Button

It is found in the top-left corner of MS -Word window and looks like the pictures to the right. When the Office button is clicked, many of the options such as New, Open, Save, Save As, Prepare, Print, Send, Publish, Close, etc., can be found. 

Title Bar

It is located at the top of the window and display the document name. The format of the name displayed on the title bar is ‘Document name-Microsoft Word’. 

Quick Access Toolbar

It is placed to the right of the Office button. It contains shortcut for the commonly used tools, like save, undo, redo, etc. It can also be placed below the ribbon also. 

Control Buttons

There are three types of control buttons as follows:

(i) Minimize button

(ii) Maximize or Restore down button

(iii) Close button 


In ribbon, there are many buttons/options that are grouped into categories according to tab such as  Clipboard, Font, Paragraph, Styles, Editing, etc.,  which are the groups of Home tab. 


Tabs are similar to the menu system of MS-Word 2003. Instead of having drop down menus,

MS-Word 2007 created a ribbon system, where buttons and commands are grouped under the tabs. Some groups include a dialog launcher button in their lower right corner to bring up additional options. Different types of tabs are: 


This tab is used to change font, styles, settings of paragraphs, etc. 


Tab is used to insert page breaks, tables, illustrations, links, header and footer, text and symbols, etc. 

Page Layout

Tab is used to change themes, margins, orientation, insert a page border, column, format paragraph, etc. 


Tab is used to insert table footnotes, citation and bibliography captions, index, etc.


Tab is used to create envelopes, labels, start mail merge, write and insert fields and preview results, etc.


Tab is used for proofing, comments, tracking, comparing the documents, etc. 


Tab is used to change the outline or draft views, display the ruler  or document map, zoom, switch windows, etc. 

After inserting a picture in MS-Word 2007, a new tab appears namely- Picture Tools Format. It includes adjust, picture styles, arrange and size groups in it. By using this tab, a user can edit pictures according to his/her need. 


It appears on the top and on the left side of the document window.Ruler is used to set tabs, indents and margins for a document. It allows to format the horizontal or vertical alignment of text in a document. 

Scroll Bar

Scroll bar is used to view the whole active window. There are two types of scroll bars i.e. horizontal and vertical scroll bars. 

Status Bar

It is displayed on the bottom of the window and used to view the information such as page number, current page, current template, column number, line number, etc. 

Zoom Control

Lets you zoom in for a closer look at your text. The zoom control consists of a slider. You can slide it left or right to zoom in or out, to increase or decrease the zoom factor. 

View Buttons

The group of five buttons located to the left of the zoom control lets you switch among word’s various document views. Like

• Print Layout View

• Full Screen Reading View

• Web Layout View

• Outline View

• Draft View 

Work Area/Work Space

It is the rectangular area of the document window, where you can type the text. 

Using Help Button

To open Help window, click the Microsoft Office Help button in the right corner of the ribbon or press the F1 key on your keyboard. Now, following Word Help dialog box appears.

Help option allow users to search and find any topic about that program. To use this feature write any topic name in text box and click on Search button or press Enter. It will then display the related information about that topic. 

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