Indents are the white space added to the margins and decreasing the text area for paragraph. So, when you have a “right margin” and you want to add a right indent of 1.0, your text will be printed 2.0″ from the right edge of the paper. 

The first line of each paragraph can be indented differently from other lines in the paragraph. The first line can be shorter than the others.

To indent a paragraph, follow these steps:

Step 1 Select the paragraph.

Step 2 Use increase or decrease indent option according to your need from the Paragraph tab in Home tab.

Indentation can be done with the help of horizontal ruler also. On horizontal ruler, there appear one small triangle in the right and two small triangles on one another with a small rectangle in the left side. These all are known as marker. These left and right indent markers are used to indent the selected paragraph. User can move and set the paragraph by using these markers in left or right. 

Bullets and Numbering

While working in a document, sometimes we need to highlight some areas of text in the form of lists for summarizing key points. To achieve this purpose, we can use bullets. A bullet could be an asterisk, black dot, circle or any other mark that is found before the text and identifies key items or other important text. A bulleted list or bullet list is a list of items preceded with bullets instead of numbers or other objects. You can create a list within a list in your document. 

Numbering or number list or order list is a listing order that is done with numbers, often used with a checklist or a set of steps that are to be performed in a particular order. Bullets and Numbering lists can be used in your documents to arrange and format text to emphasize and to draw the attention of the viewer. 

Insert Bullets or Numbering on the List

Steps to insert bullets or numbering on a list:

Step 1 Select the text that you want to format as a list.

Step 2 Click the Bullets or Numbering option on the paragraph group from the Home tab.

Step 3 Select the Bullets or Numbering style you would like to use. It will appear in the document. 

Step 4 Place your cursor at the end of a list item and press the Enter key to add Bullet or Numbering to the list.

To remove numbers or bullets from a List, select the number or bullet and press Delete key.

Editing in Bullets

You can perform various functions in a bulleted list, e.g. define new bullets, using picture, font, etc., in place of bullets. Some of the methods are mentioned below: 

Define New Bullets

Steps to define new bullets on list:

Step 1 Select an existing list. 

Step 2 Click the Bullets.

Step 3 Select Define New Bullet from the list. The Define New Bullet dialog box appears as shown below: 

Now, there are three formats to insert bullets: 

Using Symbol

Steps to insert a symbol as a bullet:

Step 1 Click the Symbol button.

The Symbol dialog box appears.

Step 2 Click the Font drop down box and select a font category.

Step 3 Click a symbol to select it.

Step 4 Click OK.

The symbol now appears in the Preview section of the Define New Bullet dialog box.

Step 5 Click OK to apply the symbol to the list in the document. 

Using Picture

Steps to insert a picture as a bullet:

Step 1 Click the Picture button. The Picture Bullet dialog box appears.

Step 2 Click a picture to select it.

Step 3 Click OK.

The picture now appears in the Preview section of the Define New Bullet dialog box.

Step 4 Click OK to apply the picture to the list in the document. 

You can also insert the user defined image as a bullet by just clicking on Import button of Picture Bullet dialog box. 

Using Font

Steps to change the bullet format: 

Step 1 Click the Font button. The Font dialog box appears as shown below: 

Step 2 Select the Font, Font style, Size, Font color, etc., from drop down menu.

Step 3 Click OK. The bullet format now appears in the Preview section of the Define New Bullet dialog box.

Step 4 Click OK to apply the bullet format to the list in the document. 

Same as define new bullet, the numbering list also have define new number format, for changing the format of numbering in the list. 

Apart from making numbering lists, you can convert a paragraph to a numbered list. Select the paragraph and go to the numbering list option. From drop down list, select any one of the given options to choose any one style. 

Changing Case

While formatting an article, sometimes you need to change the font case in order to emphasize the texts sentences. Word has been developed a change case option, which can be used to change the case of text. 

Steps to change the text case i.e. lowercase, uppercase, etc. 

Step 1 Select the text you want to modify.

Step 2 Click the change case option from the Font group on the Home tab. 

Step 3 Select one of the case options from the list.

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