Microsoft Word 2007 is a word processing software package. You can use it to type letters, brochures, newsletters, reports and other documents. It also gives you the ability to use your computer for desktop publishing. 

MS-Word 2007 is the word processing software developed and marketed by Microsoft in 2006. 

It allows you to easily create a variety of impressive and effective documents using features such as formatting text, working with pictures and many more. 

Word processing

Software is used for the creation of text-based documents. It is a GUI based software used in the windows environment. A word processor is a software package that processes textual matter and creates organized documents. In a precise manner, a word processor is a software application that, as directed by the user, performs word processing which includes the composition, editing, formatting and sometimes printing of any sort of material. 

There are many software packages available to do the job of word processing. Some examples of word processing softwares are AppleWorks, Microsoft Word, StarOffice, TextMaker, WordPerfect, etc. 

Features of Word Processor

Word processing packages have the following features:

1. Text Editing

2. Auto Formatting

3. Formatting text

4. OLE

5. GUI Interface

6. Language and Grammar

7. Graphics

8. Mail Merge

9. Security of files

10. Online Help option, etc. 

Getting Started with MS-Word 2007

To Start MS-Word 2007:

Click Start button  All Programs  Microsoft Office  Microsoft Office Word 2007 

It opens MS-Word with a blank document. By default, the name of the blank document is Document1.docx, where .docx is the extension of a MS-Word 2007 file.

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