Page Setup group is used to do page settings like setting margin, page orientation, etc. You can change size layout orientation and margin of paper through this group.

Steps to do setup of the page:

Step 1 In the Page Layout tab go to the Page Setup group.

Step 2 press the dialog box button of the page Setup group, which is placed in the bottom corner and shown as 

You can get this dialog box by double clicking on ruler also. This dialog box has three tabs which are as follows: 


With the help of this tab, user can modify the margin orientation of the page. It allow for the Top, Bottom, Left and Right margins to be set.


With the help of this tab, user can customize the settings that are related to size, height and width of the paper, etc. 


With the help of this tab, user can customize the sections Headers, Footers and Vertical alignment of the page. 

Print Preview

Print preview is a feature that allows a user to view how a printed version of the document would look like on the screen before printing a hard copy.

Steps to preview the document before printing:

Step 1 Click the Microsoft Office button.

Step 2 Select Print Previews. The document opens in Print Preview format.

Step 3 Click Print to print the document or Close Print Preview to exit the preview format of the document. 

In Print Preview format, you can do many tasks:

(i)  Modify the margins.

(ii)  Change page orientation.

(iii)  Change the page size.

(iv)  Zoom in and Zoom out to view various parts of the document.

(v)  View multiple pages.

(vi)  Access Word options to change settings. 


Once you complete all the modifications in your document, you may want to print it. This topic covers three basic features of printing in MS-Word including Print Preview, Quick Print and Print. 


Steps to print a document:

Step 1 Click the Microsoft Office button or Click the Ctrl+P key from the keyboard.

Step 2 Select Print. The Print dialog box appears. 

Step 3 Select the pages range you would like to print, either All, Current page or selected pages.

Step 4 Select the Number of copies.

Step 5 Check the Collate box if you are printing multiple copies of a multi-page document.

Step 6 Select a printer from the Printer Name drop down list.

Step 7 Click OK. 

Text Creation and Manipulation

After opening word document, users start typing. Cursor inserts a character at its current position, forcing all characters one position further to the previous one. Enter key is used to go to the next line. To correct or remove the mistakes of the text at the time of typing use Backspace or Delete key.

Document Creation

To create a document follow these steps: 

Step 1 Choose the New option from Microsoft Office button. The following dialog box will appear: 

Step 2   Select the blank document from it and click on create, a new blank document or

Press Ctrl + N to create the new blank document. 

Editing the Text

After typing the text in the document, the user can edit that text as per his/her requirement.

To add some text in the document, click the pointer on the correct position and then start typing, the all typed text will add to the right hand side of the cursor. Backspace or Delete key are used to remove any character or text, paragraph or word, etc. 

Text Selection

Click where you want to begin the selection, hold down the left mouse button and then drag the pointer over the text that you want to select. As it is shown in figure: 

Apart from this, use shift with the combination of following keys to do the tasks mentioned in the table. 

To do thisPress
Go to “Tell me what you want to do”Alt+Q
Select allCtrl+A
Decrease font size 1 pointCtrl+[
Increase font size 1 pointCtrl+]
Center textCtrl+E
Left align textCtrl+L
Right align textCtrl+R
ZoomAlt+W, Q, then tab in Zoom dialog box to the value you want.

Cut, Copy and Paste

Cut and Paste Operation

This option is used to move some content from one place to another. While paste option is used to paste some pre selected content at a new or desired place. To move some text from one place to another both the options are used. Following procedure is used to move content in word: 

Step 1 Select a portion of the text using any one of the text selection methods.

Step 2 Next, you have various options available to cut the selected text and put it in clipboard. Just use any one of them:

• Use mouse right click and select Cut option

• Using Cut button from ribbon

• Using Ctrl+X key

Step 3 Finally click at the place where you want to move the selected text and use either of these two options to paste the text

• Using Ribbon Paste button

• Using Ctrl+V key 

Copy and Paste Operation

• The Copy feature allows you to copy selected text from the document and temporarily place it on the Clipboard.

• The Clipboard is a temporary storage file in your computer’s memory.

• The Clipboard can hold up to twenty-four items. Once you copy the 25th item, the first copied item is deleted.

• The Paste feature allows you to select any of the collected items on the Clipboard and place it in the same or even another document. 

Font and Size Selection

Steps to format the font style of text:

Step 1 Select the text you want to modify.

Step 2 Click the drop down arrow next to the Font style box from the font group in Home tab. The Font Style drop down menu appears. 

Step 3 Move your cursor over the various font styles. A live preview of the font will appear in the document.

Step 4 Click the font style you wish to use. 

Steps to format the font size of text: 

Step 1 Select the text you want to modify.

Step 2 Click the drop down arrow next to the Font Size box on the Home tab. The font size drop down menu appears.

Step 3 Move your cursor over the various font sizes. A live preview of the font size will appear in the document.

Step 4 Click the font size you wish to use. 

Alignment of Text

Steps to change the text alignment in a document:

Step 1 Select the text you want to modify, 

Step 2 Select one of the four alignment options from the Paragraph group on the home tab.

Formatting the Text

The paragraph formatting involves controlling the appearance of text in a paragraph as a whole. The paragraph formatting options are:  paragraph indentation, line spacing, spacing before and after the paragraph, border and shading, etc. 

Highlighting Text

Following steps are used to highlighting the text: 

Step 1 Select the required text.

Step 2 Go to the Font group of Home tab and click on the highlight option arrow, a color box will open.

Step 3 In this color box, select the required color. To finish the effect of highlighting, reopen the highlight option and select no color option. 

Change Text Color

Steps to format the font color of text: 

Step 1 Select the text you want to modify. .

Step 2 Click the drop down arrow next to the Font Color box on the Home tab. The Font Color menu appears.

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