It is culture and tradition of Mithilanchal.

Types :

  1. Wall Painting
  2. Floor Painting

Wall Painting

Forms :

  1. Decoration of Gosni Room
  2. Decoration of Kohbar Room

Decoration of Gosni Room

Picture of religious importance

  • Shiva Parvati
  • Radha Krishna
  • Vishnu Lakshmi
  • Ram Seeta
  • Dashavtar
  • Durga
  • Kali

Decoration of Kobhar Room

Outside Kohbar Room

  • Rati (Goddess of Love)
  • Kamdev (God of Love)

Inside the Kohbar Room

  • Reproductive Organs
  • Yakshinis – Female Attendant of Kubera (4 corners of Kohbar Room)
  • Banana (Represent Powerful Body)
  • Fish (Represent Sexual Desire)
  • Parrot (Represent Carrier of Love)
  • Bamboo (Represent Progression of Clan)
  • Lion (Represent Power)
  • Elephant (Represent Pride)
  • Horse (Represent Pride)

Floor Painting

Drawn on Courtyards or frames by mixing grinded rice with water and desired colours by using fingers.

Categories :

  • Pictures of human beings , animals and birds
  • Pictures of flowers, fruits and trees
  • Pictures of astrological signs
  • Pictures of Gods and Goddesses
  • Pictures of Pious Symbols like Swastik, Deep etc.

Primary Colours Used :

  • Greeen : Obtained from beans
  • Orange : Obtained from Palash
  • Red : Obtained from Kusum
  • Blue : Obtained from Indigo
  • Black : Blue : Obtained from Kajal

Prominent Representatives of Madhubani Painting :

  • Padma Shree Siya Devi
  • Kaushalya Devi
  • Ganga Devi
  • Jagdamba Devi
  • Bhagwati devi
  • Maina Devi
  • Lal Bala

Important Centers :

  • Madhubani
  • Laheria Sarai (Dharbanga)
  • Bhawanipur
  • Ranchi

International Significance :

Exhibition of Paintings of Shashikala Devi in Japan.

Hasegava (Japanese) built a Mithila repository (museum) in Japan.

Eric Smith (German) has done research works on Madhubani Painting.

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